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This is Irie, a Doberman with endless energy, after her stay with us

Enjoy the transformation of Murry in our 3 week Board and Train 

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What is covered

Anything you want addressed!  However, typically the following is addressed or taught:  jumping, counter surfing, excess barking, pulling on the leash, sit and down (verbal and hand signals), place (to go to a spot such as a mat or dog bed), stay, come, drop it, leave it, crate training, potty on command

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The Board and Train service is a clientele favorite!  Your dog will stay with me, and be transformed into a well behaved dog in a matter of weeks!  

What makes us unique

Our Board and Train dogs go on various field trips such as the park, outside coffee shops, inside pet stores, outdoor malls, and/or dog shows.  These field trips are to insure the dogs will be trained even if there are distractions.  

Our Board and Train dogs do not stay in a kennel all day.  They are given adequate exercise time in our yard and spend time in our house.

Our Board and Train dogs will receive appropriate exercise, if deemed necessary, through running or hiking (Charlene is an avid runner), our treadmill, and/or swimming in our pool.  

​You will receive regular video clips of your dog's progress via email or text

​​​Check out the following videos demonstrating what you can expect from our Board and Train program. These dogs did it, yours can too!

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