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For Breeders: Obedience & Performance Titles ‚Äč

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How does it work?

I charge a flat rate per certificate and title.  The flat rate includes unlimited training and boarding to get your dog to achieve the title(s).  Furthermore, I pay for all entry fees and transportation fees for the trials.

The SoCal Dog Trainer can help you further prove the value of your breeding stock by putting titles on your dogs.  

 The titles we currently offer are:

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Title
  • AKC Companion Dog Title (CD)
  • AKC Companion Dog Excellent Title (CDX)
  • AKC Rally Obedience (all levels)
  • Schutzhund BH

What is the benefit of putting obedience titles on my dog(s)?

Proves that your breeding stock is a.) intelligent  b.) has a working drive  c.) stable, balanced temperament to handle the stress of trials  d.)  ability to perform tasks that breeds were bred to do such as retrieve, take direction from its handler (master),  etc  e.) athletically fit and functionality to perform 

 ** All of which is especially significant in all working/herding/sport groups!

Further proves you are a breeder that invests in your breeding stock making sure they have the proper temperament along with health clearances and they are conformationally correct for the breed standard.