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            Services:  In House Sessions​

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What Is Covered

During our private sessions we can address any behavioral issues you may be having ranging from potty training to issues with aggression.  Moreover, we can focus on any commands you which to teach weather it be a solid 10 minute stay or cute parlor tricks. 

One session (1hour) = $125

​Package Deal 4-50 minute sessions= $400

 ​​​The In-House Private Sessions are to instruct you how to train your dog and/or to address a behavioral issue.  

The Benefits Of Private Sessions Versus Group Dog Classes

Personalized training plans tailored to your goals and your pets needs!  

The undivided attention of the trainer

The opportunity to train in the comfort of your house, and to directly address issues that may be occurringin your home

The flexibility of training in various environments such as the parks, outside coffee shops, etc 

The ability to schedule a training session during a day and time that works for you