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What Is Covered

Potty Training including:

  • Training your dog to eliminate on command.
  • Puppy pads, the pros and cons.
  • Teaching your dog to eliminate in the same area in the yard.
  • Proper ways to clean up urine. 

Crate training including:

  • What type and size crate to purchase.
  • How to get your dog to love the crate.
  • How to use the crate to prevent accidents and destructive behavior.

The importance of socializationincluding :

  • The importance of socialization.
  • How to properly and effectively socialize you dog.
  • Why it is important to start socialization the second you bring your  puppy home.

How to prevent jumpingincluding:

  • How to teach an automatic "Sit." 
  • Setting your dog up for good behavior marking.
  • Informing you of what not to do to avoid reinforcing negative behaviors.

How to get your dog used to being handled, groomed, & examined including: 

  • How to get your dog comfortable having their nails cut, ears cleaned, etc


How to teach them their name and to actually respond including:

  • Learn the common mistakes new Pet Parents make.

2 Hours $160

Services:  Introduction Puppy Session

The Introduction Puppy Sessionis designed to educate YOU the Dog Parent, before you bring your new "furball" home.  We suggest you schedule this session a few days prior to bringing your puppy home. 

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