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Charlene had our one year old golden retriever for three weeks. Two weeks were recommended. We were out of town toward the end of training so we opted for Charlene to keep Murry a bit longer. He was as reckless, destructive and crazy as they come. He chewed baseboards, fake grass in his dog run, sprinklers, sprinkler valves, dog beds, walls etc. etc. etc. Murry couldn't spend much time with the family because he would knock the kids over and and act a fool. I was about to give up. 

We found The SoCal Dog Trainer (Charlene) through the breeder where we purchased Murry. Charlene trained Murry's sister Sadie recently. 

Murry celebrated his one year birthday the day he was delivered back to us by Charlene. He is a different dog. He walks on the treadmill without a leash, he can wave, high five, play dead, stay on a designated area, sit, lay down and stay when treats are thrown his way. Most important, he stays sitting or laying while ignoring distractions such as kids on a playground. Well done Charlene!!!!!

Thank You from Murry's family!

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We got our golden retriever puppy, "Cody", at 8 weeks from Sterling Valley Goldens in Easter, CA. Before picking her up we were looking for a trainer, which through word of mouth is how we found Charlene.

We knew we wanted a well trained dog because we really felt it would be a better experience for everyone involved. We let Charlene know our initial basic goals and she put a plan together that suited our needs and budget.

She was very flexible with our ridiculous schedule and visited our home, work, local parks, as well as the inlaws to make sure she behaved in some locations we frequent.

She gave us a nice review of what we covered each session and what to work on. We learned hand signals as well as voice commands.

One instance that comes to mind is a time when I was riding my bike with Cody on the local bike trail. A you kid passed us and Cody loves kids, so she started to take off after the kid to play. We had just got her a new collar and it was too big: our fault. She got out of her collar and went running free after the scared kid. I froze in fear as myself and the child's dad watched them accelerate away from us towards a busy street.  I called, "Cody" loudly not expecting any chance she'd respond. She immediately stopped. I yelled "come!" She turned around and came back. Whew!  That alone made the training priceless!

I can't recommend Charlene highly enough for all your dog training needs!

Ian, Noelle, and "Kody"

My first experience with training my little almost 1 year old Pug was, fortunately, with Mrs. Charlene Cohen. Pugs are known to be stubborn and difficult to train. Thanks to Charlene, this was and has not been the case. During the 4 training classes we took under her supervision and guidance, we found great success in obedience and a closer bond with each other. With a combination of vast knowledge of dog (and owner) behavior, treat training, and logical steps Zoey the Amazing Pug and I have met with great success. Due to the foundation that Charlene provided for us, we have gone on to Rally Obedience and Agility. Charlene is one of the top trainers I have had the privilege of working with. If you are looking for someone who knows your dog (even a difficult dog) and will treat you, the handler, with respect and kindness - look no further.

Connie and "Zoey"